Local stories:

  • Daily Camera: Boulder Valley School District Tax Increase Passes, Includes $5 million earmarked for early childhood education
  • Daily Camera: “Boulder Valley Residents to Vote on Property Tax inFall”
  • Daily Camera op-ed: “Our own achievement gap,” praising The Community Foundation for taking on the issue: Read
  • Daily Camera editorial: “Facing the gap,” praising The Community Foundation for bringing attention to the achievement gap and funding an innovative program aimed at closing it: Read
  • Daily Camera: “Community Foundation promotes early childhood education in Boulder County.”: Read
  • Longmont Times-Call: “Early education argument: Pay now or later: Read
  • Daily Camera: “Falling Behind: Report illuminates unsettling trends:“: Read
  • Daily Camera: “Community Foundation to announce ambitious initiative”: Read

National Stories:

  • New York Times Story: “Teaching for America”
  • NPR Story: ” Want to make $1,000 more a Year? Try Kindergarten”: Listen
  • New York Times Story:  “Cuts to Childcare Subsidy Thwart More Job Seekers”: Read
  • From the Today Show: “Low-quality child care can have lasting impact”  (with Today Show interview and Washington Post story): Read
  • The Virginian-Pilot editorial: “Learning’s Foundation is in Early Education“: Read
  • New York Times editorial: “National Standards, At Last”: Read
  • New York Times story: “Many Nations Passing U.S. in Education, Expert Says”: Read
  • Houston Chronicle Op-Ed: “Early-childhood education: an issue of national security”: Read
  • NPR: FrenchPreschool NPR
  • Newsweek: The Creativity Crisis
  • New York Times: Many States Adopt National Standards for Their Schools
  • New York Times: The Case for $320,000 Kindergarten Teachers
  • USA Today: Not the Usual Suspects