The Community Foundation has 10 years of research showing that the achievement gap between Boulder County’s low-income students and their peers is a pervasive problem. The gap will persist until the community invests in prevention through early childhood education. But the broader community does not understand this. Our neighbors need to recognize that the achievement gap is a burning issue before they are asked to invest in fixing it.

The ReadySetLearn campaign is aimed at helping parents, business leaders and the general public understand that there is a direct connection between a community’s investment in early childhood education and the achievement gap that weighs down otherwise high performing school systems. Its goal is to create a groundswell of voices calling for someone to do something to improve access to quality early care and education for Boulder County’s at-risk preschool students. Armed with information about the importance of school readiness, the community will be in an ideal position to systematically address the improvement of education.

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Read to your toddler or preschooler. Here are some resources to help:
Literacy Begins At Home: Teach Them To Read
Promotion for the Institute’s publications for parents

Shining Stars – Toddlers Get Ready to Read
How Parents Can Help Their Toddler Get Ready to Read

Boulder Parenting Place:

Support early learning through your business or community organization:

Mentor a child:
Mentors Matter is a collaborative effort to promote the benefits of mentoring and to educate the community about the needs of at-risk youth in Boulder County. Here you’ll find links to multiple mentoring opportunities across Boulder County:

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