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ReadySetLearn is a vibrant public campaign spearheaded by The Community Foundation and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation alerting people about the critical need to get our Boulder County kids into active learning during their PREschool age years.

In fact, our community’s future depends on it…and so does our National Security, Economic Security, and Personal Security.Today’s toddlers are tomorrow’s workforce, our country’s defenders, and our community members. The reality is, they will either be contributors to our community’s strength, or they could end up dependent on social services, welfare and even the criminal justice system.

Boulder County needs to give ALL kids access to early learning — this will reduce a growing gap within our community of those kids who get ahead in school and life because they had access to early childhood learning vs, those who fall behind. The FACTS speak for themselves and should alarm each one of us…whether we have children on not! Check through the site and see what were up to, and why you should get involved.